About Us

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

-- Vince Lombardi

@praktick, we make practice perfect.

We are team of young graduates from India who are passionate about Technology and Education. We started working on Praktick with a single goal: "To provide a perfect practice environment for every age of students". If you want your children/students to experience a complete new kind of practice experience, you are at perfect place.

On praktick, currently we have LKG to Class-IV content completely aligned to CBSE curriculum, more standards and more subjects with fun and colorful problem sets are on their way.

While students/children are practicing, our system tracks their performance and generates most useful and relevant reports. As students learning trail progresses, they can reveal exciting virtual prizes to keep them motivated through out.

You can write to us for any improvements you wish to see in website or any difficulties you face while using praktick. You can contact Praktick team for anything you want to learn more about product at : info@praktick.com