Praktick for teachers

Highlights of Praktick

Praktick covers over 2,000 concepts through an infinite number of computer-generated questions, so students can never run out of new questions to try. They are free to practice each concept until they have truly mastered it.

Detailed listings for each standard show you which specific Praktick concepts align to each strand. Monitor your students' state standards readiness throughout the year to make sure your class is on track and fully prepared for standardized testing.

With Praktick Analytics, immerse yourself in easy-to-understand visualizations that make each student's practice come alive. Real-time insights, along with school-year data, inform your lesson plans and give you unprecedented insight into your students' progress.

Praktick's training specialists can design a custom training plan tailored to your school's goals—from intervention to test prep to digital implementations, we can help your teachers get the most from Praktick.

Each concept is approached from multiple angles, offering different ways for students to think about each topic. Rather than featuring multiple choice alone, Praktick offers dynamic question types for a deeper level of learning.

Whether they want to review past lessons or jump ahead to learn new concepts, students will always have access to concepts that meet their needs. Plus, Praktick is web-based, so students can practice anywhere, anytime including in school and at home.

As students progress through Praktick, they are rewarded with prizes such as virtual game board pieces, medals, and print-out certificates. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they've earned an award and are motivated to keep practicing, often comparing awards with classmates and friends.