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Practice, Practice & Practice
With unlimited questions in more than 2,000 concepts across math subject, there is always something new and exciting to learn on Praktick. Thanks to vibrant images, colorful illustrations, and meaningful content at every turn, learning has never been just so much fun.
Make learning fun
Piles of textbooks, stacks of worksheets and no wonder kids get frustrated with traditional schoolwork. They'd much rather be playing on the computer, so let them! They'll enjoy interacting with Praktick's diverse practice formats and competing with friends to earn medals and awards. Learn more about using Praktick on the go!
Excel on Praktick. Excel in life.
Start your children on the road to success and help them become more confident students. You'll appreciate how Praktick tracks their progress and keeps you informed every step of the way. Watch and be amazed as they master new topics and become proficient in essential concepts.
Membership benefits:
  • Comprehensive coverage of K-7 math curriculum. Your kids won't miss a thing!
  • Unlimited questions in over 2,000 skills.
  • Fun and colorful practice formats.
  • Questions that adapt to your child's ability, increasing in difficulty as they improve.
  • Immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to solidify understanding of each concept.
  • Weekly e-mail updates on your child's progress.
  • Informative, detailed reports pointing out successes and trouble spots.
  • Awards and certificates for you and your children to print out as they reach important milestones.
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